The best dog beds 2018

dog beds

Are you looking for the best dog beds? Surely you do not know that selecting the best dog beds is really important for the health and well-being of your best friend.

Have a comfortable bed dog beds in which you can only relax and relax alone in the small pleasures of life: it is a total necessity! We spend some time in our lives in bed, and it’s not just for sleeping. The same thing happens to our furry ones, they love to sleep and snuggle. That is why it is very important to offer you the place where you can rest, and there is nothing better than a dog beds 2018.

If you want to improve the rest and health of your dog, in this article we will show you the best dog beds, and we recommend you to help with your friend. Keep reading!


Dog Beds 2018. ¿Why does it matter?

Dogs need their own space to rest and feel safe after their long day of games.
A dog beds 2018 also serves as a refuge when you feel stressed, anxious and anxious about your absence.
Also, as with people, sleeping in an inappropriate place has consequences for your health.
In addition, especially dogs that are overweight or suffer from some type of joint disease or pain such as arthritis, hip dysplasia or that are in old age, need a space to sleep comfortably and reduce their pain or injury. Therefore, providing a good bed for dogs, adequate to our pet is basic.

dog beds

Why buy a dog beds 2018? What advantages do they have?

Beyond providing your dog with a comfortable place to rest, dog beds 2018 have many other advantages:

  • Isolates it from the temperature of the soil, both from the cold and from the heat.
  • Provides a quiet place where you can relax without anyone bothering you
  • If your dog is fearful, a dog beds 2018 will provide a sense of protection and safety.
  • They are assigned a place to sleep, thus avoiding using our bed or sofa, which could generate behavioral problems (there have been cases where some dogs urinate in the bed of their owners to mark territory)
  • If your puppy is older, has mobility problems, or suffers from joint problems, he can find the comfort he needs in orthopedic beds

Things to keep in mind when buying a dog beds

When buying a bed for your dog it is very important to pay attention to a series of things that will make your dog feel comfortable in it and want to use it. We will also look at some details that will make maintenance easier and last longer. When buying your dog beds 2018, keep this in mind:

  • Size of your dog: bearing in mind that not all dogs measure the same, we should look for a dog beds designed for the size of our dog. Some models of dog beds are one size fits all, others have different sizes. Before deciding on the bed you want, you must first take measures to your dog to be sure of choosing the right size. Remember that if the dog beds is going to be used by more than one dog, in this case you should look for a larger one.

Dog Beds

  • Way of sleeping: if your dog likes to sleep curled up I recommend that you choose a bed with padded edges and round or oval shape, this will make you feel comfortable and protected. If your dog likes to sleep stretched, it can be more a bed without borders and more rectangular.

dog beds

  • Time of the year: in winter a padded bed with edges and materials such as the plush that protect your dog from the cold is preferable, while in summer a mattress-type bed or cooling mats is preferable to help cope with high temperatures.

dog beds

  • Washing options: some have a cover that allows to get into the washing machine, others can be inserted directly into the drum. A bed for dogs with machine washing options will allow you to have your bed cleaner and last longer, in addition to eliminating mites and dirt.

dog beds

  • Location: if the dog’s bed is going to spend a lot of time in the open air you should choose an outdoor bed that is waterproof or with high quality fabrics that prevent it from deteriorating quickly.

dog beds

How to get your dog to accept your new dog beds

There are dogs that welcome your new bed and others that reject it or simply do not use it. This is usually very frequent due to the rejection that can generate something that is completely new to them, especially due to their smell totally unknown to them. A tip that can help you to accept your dog beds without problems is to use objects with their own smell and leave them in their new bed, whether a blanket for dogs, toys or other objects. Surely so your puppy will not see the new dog beds as a strange thing and will have more interest in using it. Enjoy your rest!

dog beds


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