¿How to choose the best dog beds?

dog beds

Dog Beds. Our mascots deserve a place of agreed rest to their necessities. And as they go many hours of the day sleeping… we must take a time to choose between the different options available. In this article we told you how to choose the best bed for dogs.

Dog Beds: Why?

In addition to which they are a very comfortable site to sleep, the beds for dogs isolate the temperature of the ground (or in winter like in summer), they are a calm and personal site where to relax without being bothered, and it gives to the security and protection them that need in case of being very miedosos or small.
But, in addition to it, they avoid (in most of the cases) that they look for another site to sleep, like, for example, our bed or the sofa. If you have a old or ill dog, also it is good so that he is comfortable and without pains.

dog beds

Tips to choose the best Dog Beds

We do not have to think about our preferences, but about those of the mascots. For that reason, it is fundamental to ask for advising in the animal store, or considering these advice:

1. Suitable size

Are different styles, types and measures to choose the best Dog Beds. It depends on the size and the race of your mascot, since she is not the same one for chihuahua that one for a German ovejero. It is fundamental to take the measures from your canine one before going to the store (height and length), or indicating the salesman to him what race is and how many years it has. If you know the weight the animal, also it can be of aid.

2. Form to sleep

If to your hairy one it enchants to him to sleep I throw a ball at any time of the year, elije a Dog Bed with quilted edges, and better if it is of made oval or round form. This way protecting will feel more comfortable and. However, if it is to rest prim, the best bed is rectangular and without no edge.

3. Station of the year

Are beds for winter and beds for summer. Everything depends on the materials whereupon they were made. When it is cold, it can use one of plush that protects it of the low temperatures. When it is warm, one of esterilla cooling type mattress so that transpire too much and does not end up sleeping in the ground.

4. Washed

The best dog beds she is without a doubt that that can be washed without problems. It remembers that the animal soils the legs, can take to bones or toys, arrive dunked from the street, etc. So it is a good idea to buy a bed that comes with cover to be able to put it in the ready washing machine and. Good bye to the dirt and the acaruses.

5. Location

Where you will place the bed of your dog? If you do not have too much space, it buys one that, although she is comfortable for your mascot, not him “on” like so that among another animal (unless you have more than one in house). If the bed will be placed outdoors, you can buy special ones for outside with impermeable materials that they avoid that it is deteriorated so fast.

6. Habits of the Ten

dog in account that some peludines can want to bite the bed if it is done of wicker (type basket), or perhaps tinkles in her. You do not forget these questions before buying the place to him to sleep.

7. Types of beds

Exist a great variety of beds for dogs, from most basic to most sophisticated. A classic one is the wicker baskets, as long as they have a mullido affluent cushion in his interior that can be washed without problems. Other alternatives are the long cushions: comfortable, impermeable and easy to transport and to clean. Underneath them you can place a blanket in winter so that it does not pass cold, and in summer pon some fabric by the sweating of the animal.

dog beds

Finally, we mainly have the mullidas beds and the sofas, thought for the smallest races. They contribute to security and well-being to them, and they allow that the dog sleeps higher of the ground (almost to the same height that the bed of its owner).

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¿How to choose the best dog beds?
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